What is life like around the perimeter of Ground Zero? 24 hours on the Edge of Ground Zero, a Soundprint radio documentary, explores the landscape that is disaster area, tourist attraction and shrine. Beginning at 7 am on December 12th, 2001, Jad Abumrad and Sesh Kannan collected conversations, stories and sounds between the perimeter and Nino's restaurant, a 24 hour eatery open only to rescue workers. Two types of people are discovered: the tourist and the rescue worker. How do these two groups differ in their experience of Ground Zero? As you travel through the 24 hours, it becomes clear that the situation itself resists summary. The visitors aren't merely "tourists" and the rescue workers aren't just "heroes."

Within this website you will encounter some of the amazing stories we recorded in the 24 hours. On the timeline listen in on conversations and sounds of Ground Zero and Nino's restaurant. Use the comment box for your thoughts on what you see and hear. Check out the additional Soundprint programs for unique perspectives on the events of 9/11

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